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Текстура и дизайн

Textured glass offers new and innovative possibilities for your home or office. There is a limitless range of architectural and design applications. The patterned glass is impressed with your design and style, at the same time providing design decoration and functional light obscuration. You can style the way light will pass through your glass at various degrees, adding creativity and function.

Whether you want colored, colorless, or frosted glass, the choice and pattern of your customized textured glass are limited only to your imagination. The customizability allows the designer to create the ideal glass for your design.

Unique Qualities

The elegance of textured glass comes from its consistent glacial appearance, regardless of the design or pattern you order. As light passes through, the textured design is illuminated, creating a glowing effect from within. The glass obscures vision but not light, enabling you the privacy of the average solid block wall while granting you the luxury of free-flowing light passing into your rooms. This versatility makes textured glass the perfect material for working environments and open plan living.

There are a number of design options available to those who choose textured glass. From the restoration and antique looks to a variety of geometric effects — lines, squares, dots, the water and rain effect, and so much more — the flexibility of textured glass is one that will accommodate any design philosophy and aesthetic style.