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Форма и профили стекла и зеркал

Glass and mirrors can be ordered in any shape that you may desire. Opt for the traditional shapes such as the circle, oval, rectangle, ellipse, and square, and you will never go wrong from a design and functional standpoint. The beauty and refinement offered by a professionally made glass or mirror can add a touch of class to any environment, with its durable material, light-enabling functionality, and traditional design.

But the shape of your glass or mirror offers endless possibilities to your room’s design. Glass isn’t limited to its shapes, and can be crafted into whatever form you need — the triangle, octagon, hexagon, or anything else. It can be virtually any design or a combination of shapes, suiting every type of decor available, from the classic and antique look to the modern and quirky.

Common Types Of Non-Standard Glass Themes

  • Romantic: Perhaps you may want to design your glass with a romantic vibe in mind. Heart-shaped glasses and mirrors would expedite you to the mood you need, as well as shapes like the arch or diamond.
  • For The Kids: As children, the non-standard glass shape is always more exciting than your traditional shape. Consider a shape that your child will connect with, like a thumbs up mirror or a race track oval mirror, and it will be endlessly appreciated.
  • The Classic Look: You can achieve the classic look without sticking to the traditional shapes. Rounded corner square mirrors or rounded corner rectangle mirrors evoke a honed sophistication while adding a touch of something new.