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Безопасное и закаленное стекло

While some may question the dangers of glass furniture in your home and office, tempered glass works to change the image of fragile glass. Tempered glass will change the way you feel about glass safety. Because it is designed and created to withstand even the heaviest weights.

A tempered glass is simple to understand. It is glass that is treated differently to annealed glass. Tempered glass is exposed to extremely high temperatures, and then rapidly cooled to lock the glass surfaces in its state of atomic compression. This technology keeps the glass’s core forever tensed and durable. Therefore it embeds a certain strength several times higher into the glass that is missing from other types of glass. If the tempered glass does end up breaking, its special treatment forces it to break into hundreds of small pieces, rather than large and dangerous shards of glass. So you and your family will be safe from harm.

High mechanical strength, high thermal stability, and high security. These are the reasons why tempered glass is often referred to as “safety glass”, similar to laminated glass. With this host of features, tempered glass is most commonly used by those who value safety and function above all else.

A tempered glass is widely requested in glass buildings and interior elements of homes and offices. It is ideal for glass that is expected to carry heavy weights, including glass stairs and railings, doors, walls, fences. Also, you can use tempered glass for glazing childcare facilities and greenhouses.