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Травление и пескоструйная обработка стекла

Etching your glass is the perfect method towards creating an unlimited number of images, patterns, and designs. Etching is essential in the creation of the unique frosted glass design. It gives your glass a blurry or frost-flecked look unique to the modern era.

Glass etching may be one of the most common services requested by interior designers and other customers, due to the high demand for the irresistible frosted glass look. There are two ways that glass etching can be done:

  • Acid-etched glass: Acid treatment creates acid etched glass, which produces a complete and true frosted look that is applied to the entire glass. And while more hazardous when done by amateurs, it is usually the cheaper option.
  • Sandblasted glass: In sandblasting, the frosted effect is generated by using high-speed machinery that strikes against the glass, etching whatever design or pattern you need. With sandblasting, you have a wider range of design choices. And you are able to choose from light, medium, or heavy etching.

Benefits of Etched Glass

Whether you choose acid etching or sandblasting, the result will be similar: you are rewarded with the aesthetically elegant and surprisingly functional frosted glass that most homes and business dream of. Practical benefits of etched glass include:

  • A One-Of-A-Kind Look: We can etch any logo or design on the front door of your home or business. Because of this simple addition, your brand will be exemplified and remembered.
  • More Privacy: Etching removes the transparency of normal glass and creates an obscured look, making it impossible for others to see you from outside. Bathroom partitions, cashier counters, or sensitive rooms are ideal areas for etched glass.
  • Controlled Lighting: You can control and soften the lighting coming in through your glass without removing your natural lighting entirely. Just choose light, medium, or heavy etching.