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Типы стекла

толщина, цвет, фактура

Clear glass can be colored in different ways. A common way of coloring it is by adding a special coloring component in its composition during an early production stage. Custom and unique colors can also be created by using interlayer films. This allows designers and laminators to apply any kind of color tint you want.
While some may question the dangers of glass furniture in your home and office, tempered glass works to change the image of the fragile glass. Tempered glass will change the way you feel about glass safety. It is designed and created to withstand even the heaviest weights.
Etching or Sandblasting your glass is the perfect method towards creating an unlimited number of images, patterns, and designs. Etching is essential in the creation of the unique frosted glass design, giving your glass a blurry or frost-flecked look unique to the modern era.
When understanding the thickness of glass and how thick certain glass should be, you must consider the weight that it will be expected to carry. Glass is a considerably elastic material. It means that when loads are applied to glass, you risk no form of permanent deformation. Unless it breaks, glass will always restore itself to its original dimensions regardless of how often it may become deformed under weight.
Glass and mirrors can be ordered in any shape that you may desire. Opt for the traditional shapes such as the circle, oval, rectangle, ellipse, and square, and you will never go wrong from a design and functional standpoint. But also glass can be crafted into whatever form you need — the triangle, octagon, hexagon, or anything else. Endless possibilities to your room’s design!
Textured glass offers new and innovative possibilities for your home or office, adding value to a limitless range of architectural and design applications. The patterned glass is impressed with your design and style, simultaneously providing design decoration and functional light obscuration — style the way light will pass through your glass at various degrees, adding creativity and function to your glass.