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Зеркальная мебель

The beauty of a mirror is that it does not have to be a mirror alone. With the proper glass, a mirror can be transformed into a variety of objects, or specifically, mirrored furniture and items that widen and brighten the room. Space is artificially created with mirrored objects, converting an ordinary room into one much larger and grander than it has ever been before.

Mirrors can be equipped into your favorite pieces of furniture, whether it be in antique nightstands or high-tech dining tables. They offer a timelessness that ignores eras, and it can be used in any theme or design that you may have for your home. The perfect placement of mirrored furniture can add an eye-catching brightness you may not have otherwise noticed.

Glass mirrored furniture is an irreplaceable element of private and public places. Once you use mirrors in your interior, your rooms will never again feel complete without them. From tables to nightstands, from shelves to chairs. You are only limited by your imagination.

And you never have to worry about your children’s safety. Our mirrored furniture comes equipped with shock-proof, strengthened glass that even the heaviest hammer could not break.