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Стеклянные перила и ограждения 

There is perhaps nothing more elegant than a railing made of glass — in feel, in touch, in look, and in simple design functionality. The transparency of glass railing systems gives an unbeatable modern look and functionality — no longer will your railings impede your view from your balcony or deck.

Glass railings are becoming more and more popular, appearing in private homes and public areas. The glass railing can give the finishing touch of sheen and shine that any elegant interior or exterior area may be in need of, whether it’s glass railing for stairs or the glass railing on your new patio.

Features Of Glass Railing

New technologies have made glass harder than it has ever been before, and hard glass is the prime material for glass railing systems. You will never have to worry when it comes to glass railings, even on stairs, balconies, and decks, because the tempered glass and transparent film combine to create a beautiful yet safe design philosophy that no other material can match. For extra peace of mind, armored glass is an option that we can provide.

Either way, the result is the same — any interior surrounded with glass railings will look as classy as it can be.