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Безрамные ограждения для бассейнов

Glass pool fences offer an elegant and sophisticated solution towards creating a safe area around your pool. Strong, safe, and low maintenance, there may be no greater way to keep your family safe. The light and airy vibe they bring can enhance the sunlight reflecting on and around your pool, creating an effect that most have never before seen.

Glass pool fences advantages

As a rule, any modern glass pool fencing is set in reinforced concrete foundation, with special shock-resistant and thick glass panels keeping it extra secured. Only with this are we able to achieve the highest level of durability and reliability with our glass pool fences and a resistance to all kinds of damages.

Frameless glass pool fencing can withstand wind load better than metal and simply cannot be affected by mechanical stress. Breaking this glass is nigh impossible. And if it does so, it will simply fall from its frame, injuring no one. It breaks into rounded edges that will keep you and everyone else safe from cuts and harm.