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Безкаркасные Двери из Стекла

The interior glass doors provide the elegance and luxuriousness to any area. The flexibility with which glass interior doors or exterior doors can be customized allows for a personal glass door for every situation, with various shapes, colors, and patterns to suit even the most ambitious design philosophies.

New technologies have allowed us the opportunity to shape and harden glass doors to turn them into viable and preferable home choices — with glass lattice manipulation, the material is now five times stronger than it once was. Breaking tempered glass will leave only blunt edges, and a special polymer tape glued to the glass keeps its pieces from scattering.

There are various designs possible with glass doors, for example:

  • Swinging doors can only be opened in one direction. These are most common in apartment buildings and offices.
  • Pendulum glass doors can be moved in either direction. Attached to the ceiling and the floor, they are returned to their original position with a special floor sensor.
  • Interior sliding glass doors have their hinges attached to the wall or a doorframe. The glass slides on a rail fixed to the floor or the wall. This is the perfect door for a smaller room within your apartment or office.